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Razo Construction is committed to the sustainable development of Christophe Harbour and has worked alongside the Christophe Harbour Development Company since building the first home in 2009. We are a local company and work exclusively on the South East Peninsula of St. Kitts. Our pioneering spirit, commitment to teamwork, and investment in our local workforce has established our company as a preferred builder at Christophe Harbour.


Razo Construction, founded by David Di Rienzo in 2001, family owned construction company specialized in the construction of luxury homes on the island of St. Kitts in St. Kitts and Nevis, West Indies. In his youth, David built in remote locations in northern Canada and went on to receive his license as a general contractor and carpenter. In 2009, David relocated his business and his family to the island of St. Kitts where he built the first home at Christophe Harbour. Combined with his commitment to training and advancing innovative construction techniques, RAZO Construction transforms each client’s vision into a structure and landscape that enhances the beauty of St. Kitts and promotes growth within the local economy. Razo Construction continues to be a pioneer in the Christophe Harbour development and construction for St. Kitts. 


Christophe Harbour promises island living with services guided by expert hands, experiences made authentic by Kittitian heritage, rare Caribbean real estate opportunities, and exclusive resort features.


Razo Construction is proud to have a workforce of skilled craftsmen and laborers who are diligent, disciplined and attentive. Our team understands the effort and focus required to exceed the expectations of our clients and achieve our goal of building the finest custom homes in St. Kitts.


Razo Construction is charting a course of excellence at Christophe Harbour through an enduring commitment to the sustainable development of St. Kitts. At our nursery we grow plants such as frangipanties, grafted mangoes and avocados that are incorporated into our landscapes. Our use of innovative materials increases energy efficiency while reducing the footprint of our homes and maximizing savings for our customers.

We’ve Been Building Since 2001

Behind the stone walls, lush gardens and the luxury of our homes lay international efforts of the whole team. Our team of local managers, foremen, masons and carpenters, with creative and technical skills of architects, artists, engineers and technicians in the construction of luxury homes in the complex environment of the island and sea of St. Kitts environment. Our emphasis on quality construction, attention to detail and commitment to creating an effective and diligent workforce made Razo preferred builder Christophe Harbour.

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